Note Cards (box of 10) for sale!


This is a watercolor painting of my Great Grandfather's (Samuel John Blevins) Violin.  Samuel (Sam) lived in Coyville,

Kansas back in early 1900's.  He was born September 17, 1872 and was a traveling salesman in the Kansas, Ok, Mo area selling cooking supplies for

farmers.  While on his trips, he ran across many characters like Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp 

which made him a great story teller.  His home sat at the top of a hill and made travel difficult in those automobiles of that time.  He would sit on his porch

and serenade everyone with the songs, "Humoresque" and "Turkey in the Straw".  He died at the age of 75 when he succumbed to cancer

back in 1947on the 4th February . 


Original Watercolor

Item Name: Masterpiece (note cards)
Item Number: 59c box of 10
Price: $15.00